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Study to compare surgical treatment with medical treatment for patients with pleural effusion caused by malignant mesothelioma (MesoVATS)

The MesoVATS trial is a randomized Phase III study comparing surgical pleurectomy and palliative pleurodesis to determine which is the better at preventing fluid recurrence.

Eligibility requirements for this trial are as follows:

  • Pleural effusion caused by or possibly caused by pleural mesothelioma
  • Able to tolerate general anesthetic and surgery
  • Referral from your doctor to a trial doctor in Cambridge, and able to travel to Cambridge for treatment

You are not eligible for this trial if:

  • You have had previous pleurodesis
  • You do not have a pleural effusion
  • You are not able to tolerate surgery

Because this is a randomized trial, patients are placed into one of two treatment groups by computer. Neither you nor your doctor will be able to choose which group you may participate in.

Group 1 will receive pleurodesis, a procedure in which a chest tube is placed between your lungs and chest wall, and fluid is drained from the intrapleural space. A talc substance will then be administered through the tube. Your chest tube will most likely stay in place for a few days following this procedure, and you will remain hospitalized for about a week.

Group 2 will receive a video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) pleurectomy. A chest tube will be inserted between your lungs and chest wall, and fluid will be drained. You will then have surgery to remove the pleural membrane. This is done under general anesthetic, and your chest tube will remain in place for up to 10 days. You will remain hospitalized for up to two weeks.

If you are interested in participating in this trial, you should ask your doctor for more information on whether it may be suitable in your particular case.




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